CEREC Omnicam dental scanner

The CEREC Omnicam is a cutting-edge piece of dental technology that allows your dentist to take impressions inside your mouth without the discomfort caused by using a conventional impression tray.

With the new Cerec®️Omnicam we are able to take full digital impressions, meaning, no more messy powder, no more impressions and little room for error! We can take a quick 5 minute scan of your entire mouth and voila, we have a full mouth digital impression. The Cerec® Omnicam not only gives us scans for your crown preparation but now allows us to use these scans to make appliances such as night guards, sleep appliances, snore orthotics and clear braces such as Invisalign. Now, we can take a quick, no fuss digital impression of your mouth with our camera without ever having to take a physical impression which means no mess, no trays and no gag reflex.

Because of this extremely accurate and efficient equipment we also have a milling unit that allows us to offer same day crown creation and seating. The appointment length is increased slightly when electing to do all same day, but you'll be able to avoid a second visit completely!

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